God vs Satan - who is the greatest murderer?

These calculations by Steve Wells are a year old, but I just became aware of them and decided to post them. It’s a list of people whom God killed, as recounted in the Bible. The Biblical figures go all the way from the 42 youths killed by a God-sent bear in retribution for their joking about Elisha’s bald head, to the 14,700 Israelites killed for complaining about God’s killing.

There are two sets of calculations: those reported in the Bible itself, and estimates when the Bible doesn’t give figures:

Estimate from Bible: 2,476,636

Estimate from Bible and other sources: 24,634,205

What is Satan’s toll? Ten!

It appears that Satan only killed 10 people: the seven sons and three daughters of Job. And he only does this because god allowed it as part of a bet! Technically the blood is on god’s hands for these as well.

Data thus show conclusively that God is between 200,000 and 2,000,000 times more murderous than Satan.

Makes one wonder about Identity Theft in biblical times? Imagine, Satan stealing God’s true identity and then casting “God” as the baddie and “Satan”… (wtf!!)

cant remember any wars being started in the name is old 'bub.
i do the like the sound of ‘unholy war’

And those are just the figures gleaned from the “infallible holy book.” If you add the victims of various natural disasters and the thirty to forty million human foetuses and infants that die annually by miscarriage and crib death, then this god trumps all the world’s mass murderers ever combined. The only thing his tally doesn’t trump is the number of anaemic excuses that are dreamt up to avoid facing this reality.