God's animal factory

Grade 8 Natural Science. Listing and A-Z of things made of plastic to highlight how dependent we are on it and how versatile it is. Just a fun group activity. They seem to be stuck on Q.

A girl (who I used to think was one of the brighter ones) asks “Miss is the end of a bird’s feather called a Quill?”
I say “Yes”.
I am mildly impressed that they know this, yet baffled why this has relevance.
So I ask.
“Well isn’t it made of plastic?”
“No birds are natural, plastic is man made,it is a type of protein- like your fingernails are made from”
“Oh” well doesn’t God make birds?" Wouldn’t he use plastic- it lasts a long time".
Muffled Tourette’s
“How exactly do you think God makes birds?”
A description only reminiscent of Santa Claus and his elves fabricating Christmas toys ensues.
We sit down to have a chat.
I then find out this week my head of science believes in Yahweh. Help.

One possibility, if your definition of plastic can be stretched to include rubber …


once again, proof, that religion should stay the hell out of anything relating to education.
kudos for muffling the tourettes. i am not pc enough for that.