Good Service

We’ve become accustomed to the mediocre service we receive from the local corner cafe to the big corporates that we’re almost grateful to manage to conduct the intended business without any major drama or hassle.

I’ve just had the most gobsmacking amazing service from a car dealership of all places. My goddaughter has her heart set on the Huyndai i10 1.25, and went to a dealership close to her home, the service was what we’re accustomed to, but she dragged me along on Monday evening to assist her with the documentation and I got peeved with the sales woman’s dont-care attitude and “oh, it can wait until tomorrow” responses (we’re here NOW bitch) that I contacted another dealership to see whether the response would be different.

Well, was I surprised…

They arranged a test drive (the other dealership couldnt be bothered to arrange a demo for her). She now not only got the car in the colour of her choice, they threw in a myriad of “freebees” as well, service plan, smash and grab, tracka (paid up for 3 years), metallic paint, at the same price AND they managed to get the girl a better interest rate which will save her a good R400 a month. They just phoned now for her work address as they’ll be sending her flowers to congratulate her on purchasing her first car.

I’m really impressed.

You should put a compliment on I complain and bitch on that site quite often, but I think it’s important to compliment good service, too. I had terrific service from yuppiechef recently, so I complimented them on HP; it seems I was not alone–they had 75 compliments to only 3 complaints.

I did already. I also enjoy that site, and its handy for changing companies (i.e. insurance) and you can do comparisons on the statistics.