I am sure I have evidence! I can win Randi’s price. My gate “bell - intercom” packed up. Only the bell part but I installed a new unit. It worked for a day. I replaced the unit in the house. It worked for a day. I replaced the wiring. It worked for a day. Now I realise that all I have to do is uncouple a wire and connect it again. The unit will work. You can test it many times but tomorrow morning it will be out of order. What is going on? Everything was replaced. What am I missing? Please help, this is driving me nuts.

Make peace with it, you’re not supposed to receive visitors.

I have a pink bathroom clock - had it for around 5 years now, it is always EXACTLY 20 minutes fast. You can set the correct time, in two hours time it is back to 20 minutes ahead. Change batteries, set time, when you use the bathroom again, its up to its old tricks again. And speaking of batteries, it doesnt lose time, it just stops when its out of power, very weird.

My Mother believes its a mischievious spirit (possibly my late aunt), but then again, she also believes my grandmother re-incarnated as a pigeon, and that my S/O sprinkles white powder in the garden to keep the elephants away (REALLY). So all bets are off.