GSM Cellphone Eavesdropping Within Reach

Fodder for conspiracy theorists?


Oh my GOD it’s the MARK OF THE BEAST! :o

Pffft - The Southêfrican Secret Service with Koos at the head has been doing it for years. How do you fink they got that tapes that “exonerated” our dear leader and allowed him to ascend to the seat of power. >:D

Also in the UK. Didn’t they evesdrop on Prince Charles & Whatsername (horseface) years ago?

From reading the article, it certainly seems possible. But you will have to jump a few hoops to actually get some practicle results. Note that figuring out the band hopping sequence is only part of the problem. You still have to decode the encrypted conversation and be close to the cell phone to record it.

Hopefully cellphone manufacturers will keep one step ahead of personal computing power. :wink:

In the same article it reads: “At a hacker conference in Berlin that runs through Wednesday, the cryptographers said they’ve cracked the algorithm that determines the random channel hopping”
If next week’s newspapers say “Hacker discovers the algorithm that determines the random lotto numbers”, I’ll be impressed.