Hello fellow skeptics

Hi my name is Billy and Im from the great metropolis of Bloemfontein :wink:

Im 17, always been quite skeptic but after reading The Demon Haunted World, skepticism became “relevant” in my life, I love debating against my peers, mostly on religion(they dont have much knowledge on anything else).

Bill Maher is awesome, love this guy.

Yeah, thats it… :smiley:

Bill Maher has his moments, but he also has un-moments, be careful what you believe, be skeptical of the Maher too. :wink:

Anywho, I find him hugely entertaining, and welcome.

Welcome, Billy. You’ll find much debate here.

See? It’s already started… :smiley:


jirre billy, all the way from bloem. im form kroonstad originally, and happened to be the local anitchrist, just cause i listened to metallica instead of steve, and wore an awesome black suede trenchcoat my grannie gave me.
so, good for you bra.
just hope you can manage to get through life there without being ostracised cause you are a non-believer/sceptic. it can be harsh, so maybe pick your debte peers with care.
pity, but the freestate is very much the stronghold of the afrikaans christian household, and you will definitely find much opposition to your ideas and viewpoint.

hey, joburg welcomes all flavours and beliefs. pull in china!!

Absolutely. When I borrowed Religulous from the video store I was solemnly warned that it may offend me if I were of a religious persuasion. To give them credit they laughed when I said that the only people who would be offended would under no circumstances wish to rent it. Also they had three copies on their shelves, so I assume that particular franchise is operated by sympathisers.

But Bill Maher has also allied himself to the anti-vaccination lobby, which is presumably what BoogieMonster refers to as his un-moments. The notion that ‘whoever is an enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is not necessarily true.


Well, he’s kinda paranoid about the whole health thing in general. He’s anti-vaccination, but also goes on about conspiracies between drug companies and the government…

… But then get’s all upset when 9/11 truthers interrupt his show… just a bit hypocritical.

Hmm, I seem to have silenced our new member. Oops. :-\

Hey Welcome!!! Good to see a young mind here! I’d love to hear your opinions on some of the discussions. Dont feel intimidated by some of the more serious minded folks here, take everything that seem patronising with a pinch of salt and go make up your own mind about issues.