Hello from a passer through

I’d just like to say hello to the South African sceptic (skeptic for diehards) movement.

I am here by chance looking to debunk a particular South African and thought I should do the correct thing and say hello!

I admire you veracity and patience too. Being a sceptic isn’t easy and determining the truth (or worse yet convincing others of it) is a hard task. But a worthwhile one.

This is a rich and always moving environment which outclasses some other sites sue to its constant stream of topics - I like that a lot!

I should be in Africa in about 4 or 5 years - perhaps I can travel to SA and meet up with a few of you for a drink.

Take care and see you on the boards!


Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Thank you wandapec.

It’s a very nice forum here. Lots of useful and informative posts.

See you on the boards!


Welcome aboard, m0r. From which country are you?

Welcome to a fellow skeptic. LOVE the way you write - hope you feel at home here.

welcome sir!
good to hear our random ramblings are up to scratch.

Hi and welcome, if in SA, be sure to meet some of the sceptics, really cool bunch of people.

welcome m0r…you must tell us more about the debunking stuff >:D…sounds ‘onheilspellend’ a beautiful Afrikaans word that means ‘ominous’

you must tell us more about the debunking stuff...

Yes, do! That’s a bit of bait I am sure many folk will rise to - and will not be able to resist helping you if The Cause is Just?