Here today, gone tomorrow

In my travels, I went to a Lightenburg township school (almost 400km) yesterday only to find that the school’s got no hall. When the appointment was made they said they’ve got one, but their definition of a hall and mine differs slightly. We even asked them to measure it, but yesterday they had no knowledge of us ever asking them to do it. They’ve got an afdak however, but the wind was funnelled through there so it was decided to try and block it off with some canvas. Note the very straight, stable ladder. I have to admit that I was a coward and did not offer to go up to tie the canvas to the top. In the end the dome went up, I did a show, got paid and travelled 400km back. A 14-hour day and the body knew about it in the end.

Well, it’s an improvement!

What exactly is your job?

Astronomy shows at schools with a mobile planetarium. Countrywide and Namibia, hence “here today, gone tomorrow”. I do on average 5000 km per month not counting December.

Ah, yes, now I remember. Well, here in Dark Africa astronomy shows are not quite the affairs they probably are in places like, say, Sweden. You first have to build the necessary infrastructure. :slight_smile:

'n Boer maak 'n plan!