Hi folks

New guy here.
English speaking, but understand afrikaans rather well.
Came across this forum while doing some reading on this uhuru conspiracy theory. (Had quite the laugh on that post)
Looking foward to some discussions.

Welcome! Are you of Swedish descent, say a raven? :wink:


Welcome Korpen.

I find it shocking that the uhuru thread was started around 2006 and yet, here we are almost 8 years later, 18 years after the '94 elections …

Aaaaany day now… :wink:

Korpen is indeed svensk for raven.

And yes the whole uhuru thing is, for lack of any better description, retarded beyond believe. I was searching around trying to get some readable material on it as it was recently brought up in a conversation. Tbh, never believed something like that could be possible…though curiosity allways prevails :wink:

Yo korpen, welcome.

I find it shocking that it is still the most viewed thread on this forum :o

FWIW folks, 2012 - 2006 = 6, not 8. My math failed me.

Must say, im quite a sucker for conspiracy theories. They make for good reading. The shocking fact is that there are scores of people that still believes that crap:D Oh that is if we dont all die in december this year! ha ha

Well that depends on whether Nelson Mandela dies in December this year. ::slight_smile:

im betting he’ll go before then eh. The poor bastard’s been hanging on by a thread.

Hello korpen. :smiley:

Dangerous perhaps? Could this not be the first step towards a self-fulfilled prophecy … >:D

Hi korpen, welcome to the Skeptics. I hope you enjoy the experience. ;D


At times it is more than an experience, it can be quite adventurous and always enlightening!


I would pay good money to see that happen. Would be better than the bourne trilogy :stuck_out_tongue: