Hi Guys and Gals

Hi all

Just referred here via a member at ratskep, (www.rationalskepticism.org)

I am interested in debunking nonsense, as most of you probably are, and having some rational conversation with people who do not believe in nonsense, or who do not take offence at having nonsense revealed as nonsense.

I am an ex-UK Engelse soutie, living in Durban, who likes long distance running, mountain biking, talking kak on the internet, reading classic science fiction (From Wells and Verne to Asimov and Clarke) and am interested in a variety of mechanical and technical things.

See you all around, I have a fair bit of time on my hands since things are generally quiet at work.

welcome no-nonsense detribalised soutie

^^ What Brian said ^^

Welcome from me too! :smiley:

Welcome :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:

howzit banana-boy. i will reserve my comment on the biking and running, as my ex was an extreme athlete, i would still like to give him a habanero enema with his camelbak.

anyhoo. welcome here. fresh blood, ehm, opinion… is allways welcome.

Whooo there pardner, big differences between your ex and my good self.

  1. I am not extreme, just extremely nice ::slight_smile:

  2. I looooove Habanero, on anything involving eggs or cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. As nearly all of my training is done while the family is asleep, and I wake them up afterwards with breakfast already made and my sweaty-and-smellies in the laundry, most of the reasons partners resent endurance athletes do not apply to me at all.

said ex would go for a run, not shower, then just go to bed. vomit. or would want to smooch with a i-have-just-run-miles salive mouth. puke.
apart from the fact that he was an abusive, narcisstic, passive agressive, alcholic, douchebag, and his only claim to fame is that he won some random race up a mountain when he was a sprog. oh, and he tried to kill my kitten. and he fucked every woman in town, while making me feel guilty, because he was ‘working late’.
no offence bro, but if i see a cyclist on the road, i have to subdue visions of his bike under my car wheels.
i will never date any form of athlete again. ever. nerds and geeks for me.

GCG take a deep breath, count to ten, and repeat after me

ZM is not an ‘athlete’
ZM in a speedo is a point and laugh image
ZM does not deserve my aggression as he is just a soutie with a keyboard
ZM had a kitten that slept on his face every night
ZM doesn’t drink or screw around
ZM is more geek than jock, as his wife will not hesitate to confirm.

A win for geeks and nerd all round.


ZM is taken.

If I ever visit Durbs you must show me the best trails.

Actually my favourite trails are in Port Edward, Clearwater trails centre, but in Durban Giba Gorge is the place to visit, intense training as nearly all trails start at the bottom of the gorge and involve lots of climbing, 30-40km there is a whole mornings hard work.

Joke is moose, you probably know the fool. and you think he is the shit.


If the places I mentioned are his favourite haunts then maybe I do know of him, but I have a very small social circle, and the person you describe isn’t in there. I may concievably admire someone for athletic achievement and dedication but it would stop there, that wouldn’t make me want them as a friend, and it would pretty much exclude me from being a training buddy as well, since my performances are fairly close to being a workable definition of average.

I find that these extreme blokes, have only friends that are in their field. because normal human beings are ‘fat’ ‘lazy’, because sleeping till 9am on a sunday is terrible (not accusing, just saying).
one of his mates, a short, bald little number, thought of himself as a greek god. and without fail, at any social event, he would mention as much. much to my glee and ire. said individual, would also dump his girlfriends if they became too fat for his liking. so forgive if these individuals have soiled my opinion of athletes.
the fact that you are here, gives you fair amount of brownie points in any how.

Hey GCG, let it go, its an intro thread for someone you dont know from a bar of soap, not a rerun of your idiotic ex. Give the Moose a gap.

Well I can’t really say I understand sleeping in on a weekend myself, it seems like such a waste of cool air and quiet roads.

I usually drop the kids off at sunday school (long story, don’t ask!) at 9am and take the missus out to breakfast having already come home, had my 2nd or 3rd breakfast, fed the kids, dogs, and cat, and showered from a 2-3 hour run. Now that’s the way to start a sunday in my book. In her book 9am is a bit too early to be up and about.

Im’ asking!


calm your tits. i have nothing against moose. just relating a story. jesus.