Hi I'm Gerlinde

And I’m really glad to finally come across a bunch of skeptics in South Africa. I was beginning to think I was the only one.

Best way to describe my standpoint on all things skeptic:
My new housemate invited friends over for a braai. Quite a few were awed by my large book collection (mini-library really). I was explaining how I arrange my books alphabetically per genre (me? OCD? Never!), as in fantasy and sci-fi, autobiographies, travel, myths and legends etc. One guests looks at me and says “You do know you’ve put the bible with myths and legends…” “Yes” I answer. He looks at me for a moment and claims that he’s not drunk enough to have this discussion. You have to be drunk to defend your faith? Poor puppy.

Hello, and welcome, Gerlinde. Hope you find the forum to your liking. Are you into archery, as suggested by your forum name?

No, you have to be intoxicated/high/doped to the gills (which admittedly seems to be a natural state for some people) to believe it’s The Eternal Truth™… :wink:


Thank you!

Yup! Very much into archery :smiley:

Hehehe, my brother did exactly the same: he also has quite a library of books, and the Bible is kept with the rest of the fiction. :slight_smile:

Archery … a game in which you’re required to nock it before you try it … and the beginning of the end precedes the end of the beginning.


Hi Geraldine

Where you from and what you do for a living?

cr1t: Gerlinde != Geraldine. :wink:

Welcome to the forum!

My dyslexia again strikes strikes again

Welcome G.

@BoogieMonster: I get Geraldine all the time :wink: My name is so unusual in SA that people (and auto spell functions) automatically go for what they know.

@Rigil: We call it attempting to aim pointy bits at flat colourful circles. Or worm fishing when we miss :smiley:

@cr1t: I’m an environmental consultant working in the mining industry. Not so much the bunny hugger (bunny tastes good in stew), rather the sensible person who tries to make the industry practice in ways that reduce environmental impacts (and yes, even in the mining industry it is possible).

Thats what the miners must have thought when they killed that bunny against the sangoma’s advice!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Haha! Indeed. Though I had bunny for lunch yesterday (NOM!NOM!).

The mines are interesting though. Mars is a regular visit for me.