Hi there everybody

This is my first time posting on any type of forum, so I’m a bit shy…

I grew up in Pretoria, attending Xian schools and surrounded by people who’s identities were defined by the church they attended. Although my father was big on the religion thing, luckily my mom encouraged us kids to think and question. I remember when I was in Grade 1, and very serious about being a good little Xian, my mom suggested that perhaps all the bible stories I learnt at Sunday school weren’t literally true, but merely parables used to teach. I was extremely upset at the notion that every word in the bible is not absolutely true. I asked her if there was nothing left for me to believe in, and then cried myself to sleep…

So I think I’ve come a long way since then. Sadly, I seem to be the only atheist I know (although my S/O is slowly coming around!). I work in insurance (not as boring as it sounds :slight_smile: ), but am very interested in science of all flavours, and love reading about it. I feel so blessed to live in the age of the internet; it really helps to know you’re not the only heathen in the world.

Anyway, I’ve been reading some of the posts here and you guys seem like an interesting bunch of people.

Hello Hermione, and welcome to the forum. May it exceed your expectations! :slight_smile:


Welcome, and enjoy this great forum. Don’t be shy and hide your light under a bushel ( I read that somewhere ). :wink:

welkom van agter die boerewors gordyn!

Aloha :slight_smile:

Hello! Welcome! My, I am a pleased little Faerie, the ladies are coming out! ;D

Glad to have you join us here :slight_smile: I’m sure you will have fun, and I’m sure we are all looking forward to hear what you have to say. Wow, I also grew up in Pretoria, christian schools, church and the whole shebang… so I know how you feel.
Welcome, and enjoy.

Hi there. Sad to see that you’ve never run into (you probably have but didn’t realise) a fellow heathen. Hopefully the pta SITP will happen soon, some people might even pitch, and you can meet some kindreds. Short of that, you’d have to drive to joburg to meet the jozi skeptics. :wink:

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve lived in pretoria for a while too. Volk en vaderland (en god).

Welcome Hermione. I’m also in Pretoria, also grew up in, and later ministered in, Christianity. I am also one of the few atheists/ex-Christians I know apart from my kids and the cool folk here at Skeptic.za. Please do not be too shy - most of us only bite the woo-woo crowd - so you should be fairly safe.

Hallo Hermione, we look forward to your posts.

Thanks for the warm welcome all!