Hello, I’m a physics student in my final year of study for my bachelors degree. I have some interest and indeed some academic experience with pure and applied mathematics up to a third year level and similar experience with quantum mechanics, I enjoy reading the posts on such things on these forums but have not, so far contributed. I enjoy playing devil’s advocate in almost all arguments, simply for the entertainment value derived from opposition to what someone believes, in earnest, to be true.

I will, however, contribute to discussion with my extremely limited knowledge and endless fount of wisdom gained by the age of 21 :wink:

Welcome to the forum, Hypothesis!

Playing devil’s advocate for its own sake might not be such a good idea. Then again, it might. ::slight_smile: ;D


New here myself but welcome and looking forward to some interesting input from you.


Also a newbie, and I believe the more the merrier, stir some trouble, throw a couple opinions in the air and debate other’s ideas.

It can only be fun.

Welcome. That’s one more person than me that actually understands QM.

Damn :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, so many people have joined!


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I hope you all enjoy this forum and taking-on the occasional wingnut that steps-up to the challenge.


Thx mate.