Came across this forum completely by surprise!
I didnt even know there was enough of a skeptical community in SA to warrant a forum!
My name is Reaver, and i have been a skeptic for about 12 years now, although i only recently realised there is a title for the way i view the world.
I look forward to having some good debate, conversation and learning a lot on these boards!

See ya all around the forum!

Hey, and welcome. I, too, happened on this site perchance, and have not looked back. You are looking for debate? You came to the right place :wink:

Hello and a warm welcome. ;D

I didnt even know there was enough of a skeptical community in SA to warrant a forum!
Certainly ... there are [i]at least[/i] five others. ;)


Really? Wow! That’s really great!

Thanks for the welcome, guys!

Quick Question, I cant get my Avatar to load for some odd reason… any idea why?

Hello, and welcome to the forum. (That leaves two more sceptics… :wink: )

I think there may be some size and/or file format restrictions on avatars but I’m not sure what they are. They are displayed at a maximum size of 96×96 pixels, and larger ones selected from the “Personalized Picture” gallery (under “Profile → Forum Profile Information”) are resized to 96×96. I don’t think this happens with uploaded or externally-linked avatars, but I could be wrong.

I suggest you try with a smaller image first to see if you can display any avatar at all.

ETA: It seems to be displaying properly now – an animated gif.


i think i was just being stupid… the avatar i was trying to use must have been to big! whoops!

Welcome! I think quite a few of us stumbled upon this site by chance. Makes one wonder about fate and destiny and our paths laid out at birth… :-\

oh yes, it is definitely destiny. how could it not be! The stars decreed it the day i was born. :wink: