Hey all

I just joined up this morning. I had no idea that a site like this existed, its great to be able to mingle with like minded people. As far as work is concerned i am in the private game reserve industry. Thats about it for now.

All the best

Hi and welcome.

Nice surprise is’nt it?

Welcome here!


It is indeed have been around the Dawkins/Freedom From Religion Foundation site but didnt realise we had a local version. What else is relevant I have been extremely lucky in my childhood in that I have liberal parents. My mom in particular was indoctrinated into the catholic religion which she ditched at the first opportunity & opposed choosing a religion for her kids. Needless to say I went for the none of the above option for my religious choice. So I have never had to disentangle myself from a religious ideology. Currently I am studying for my B.tech degree nature conservation & have completed my marine & coastal field guide qualification.

Keep well

Hi and welcome!

Hallo Luke, welcome from the other Eastcapetonian. :wink:


You are extremely lucky with that. I’ll bet my kids wish they could have said the same about me.