Holford and Rath still at it

Aids nutritionist linked to Rath:

The scientist backing nutritionist Patrick Holford's claims on vitamin C and Aids was one of the key speakers at a conference organised by the controversial Dr Matthias Rath in Johannesburg just more than a year ago.

Holford, who is currently giving a series of workshops in South Africa, claims that the vitamin is more effective in treating Aids than the antiretroviral drug azidothymidine, commonly known as AZT.

He quotes as substantiation for the claim laboratory findings by Dr Raxit Jariwalla, who was one of the speakers at a December 2005 Dr Rath Health Foundation conference in Johannesburg titled The Natural Control of Aids.

According to the foundation website, Jariwalla is “a senior researcher in nutrition and infectious diseases at the Dr Rath Research Institute in California, USA”.

Sharing the platform with Jariwalla in Johannesburg were prominent Aids dissidents Dr David Rasnick, from the United States, and South Africa’s Professor Sam Mhlongo.

In his presentation, according to the website, Jariwalla put forward “numerous studies by other scientists that confirm the benefits of vitamins against Aids”.

On his current "health tour" to South Africa, his half-day seminars and workshops, being held in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, cost between R295 and R595.

Participants, his publicists say, will learn how to improve their health and wellness, balance their blood sugar levels and burn fat.

I like how they put “health tour” in quotes :wink:

An update, mostly Holford’s response:

[Holford] has also denied news reports that, he said, implied he had been saying vitamin C was more effective in treating Aids than the ARV AZT.

“This is not true,” he said in a statement issued at the weekend. “I have never made this claim. What I have said in the latest edition of my book, The New Optimum Nutrition Bible … is that ‘AZT, the first prescribable anti-HIV drug, is potentially harmful and proving less effective than vitamin C’.”

??? So vitamin C is more effective against HIV than AZT, but not so in the case of AIDS? ???

“[L]ess effective than vitamin C” against what?

Is Holford another AIDS dissenter or is he merely leading an unamusing semantic dance?