Homeopathy Heals in Africa

I read this http://www.naturalnews.com/026251.html by Melanie Grimes which is bizarre. Very anglo-centric. I know for a fact that Homeopaths without Borders operate in Africa. I know that various Indians and Brazilians have operated in Africa testing homeopathic remedies and I also know that homeopathy is “native” in some African countries, such as SA. I’m trying to put a blog post together but…

What is the situation with homeopathy in SA? I’ve looked on the internet but it isn’t exactly clear.

Sense About Science in the UK has submitted a letter to the World Health Organisation from career medics and researchers working in developing countries involved in the fields related to TB, HIV, Influenza, Malaria or Diarrhea. The letter calls for an unambiguous and unified voice from the international body that patients with these life-threatening conditions should not be treated with homoeopathic or other alternative treatments. Hopefully closing for good the “field studies” that are currently running in Africa like the Maun homoeopathy project in Botswana and Jerremy Sherr in Tanzania.

Fantastic. Let’s hope they succeed.

(From Derren Brown’s blog)