How does prayer work?

You just have to see this site! It shows the various positions - the right way and the wrong way!
It even shows the effectiveness of these positions, with percentages! In fact these guys have percentages of all sorts of rubbish all over the website. It’s quite funny!

They did it wrong.


Proof that the Seventh Day Adventist church is not the right one?

Possibly. Maybe The Big G was just having a bad payot day (≈ 1,000 celestial years) and was feeling a bit obnoxious and smitey. You can never tell with these crabby old curmudgeons.


That should teach the congregation not to be so stingy when it comes to opening their purses into the collection plate.

I find the timing here suspicious. There is the forecast of a weeklong heatwave and the date for the pray(er)? is set for the end of said week. Is it not dry now? Do we not need rain now? I think they hope for rain then and can then say “see, the power of praying”. Or do I now see a motive behind every Christian post?

In the meantime almost half of Nelson Mandela Metro water is being lost through leaky pipelines.
We need prayers not so much for rains as for plumbers.


It’s a peculiar thing: most of these people have lived in South Africa all their lives, and are reasonably educated. I.e. they surely know that South Africa is drought prone. The way to deal with it is to realize that the next drought is coming, sooner or later, and to prepare for it during the good times, much as Pharaoh prepared for the seven lean years during the seven good ones. There you have it: a solution straight from the Good Book.

Instead, during the good times we live like there’s no tomorrow, and every time there is a drought we act as if it is a complete bolt from the blue, or perhaps a punishment for our sinful ways, and that we now need to pray to end it.

Barring large scale climate change, it WILL end, sooner or later. But of course, I’m preaching to the choir.

The show is run by politicians who don’t care to look past their own tenure, and definitely won’t make unpopular and expensive decisions if it won’t benefit themselves directly. This is one thing where I kinda admire the Chinese political system… there seems to be less politics and more of getting stuff done.

FWIW I listened to a talk about it on radio and the dude there said our main problem is dumping untreated sewage into waterways we could otherwise have used as water sources. Acc. to this person we could solve most of our problems just by stopping that.

Instead, during the good times we live like there's no tomorrow, and every time there is a drought we act as if it is a complete bolt from the blue

Much like financial markets, some people do see the drop coming during the boom, but a whole lot of people choose to ignore it. There’s a optimistic streak in humanity that always wants to assume “It won’t be that bad this time.” I recall when the financial crisis started pundits saying it would probably be a quick blip as markets corrected… now they’re talking about “lower for longer” markets and no quick recovery in sight. We always prefer to imagine a brighter day ahead in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

Barring large scale climate change, it WILL end

That’s a big but, we are exactly experiencing large scale climate change.

I find it amusing and mildly irritating that fundementalists (amongst others) are quick to dismiss global climate change and higher ocean temps (which is causing this effect) as liberal hogwash, but then fall to their knees in an attempt to get god to bail them out of the unwanted consequences.

Maybe this is why they’re so fucking irresponsible… We can always just pray the consequences away! ARGH!

EDIT: But seriously, the proliferation of water-danceprayer posters on my facebook wall betrays a lot of serious mental deficits.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the best available projections indicate that the eastern half of South Africa will get cooler and wetter, and the western half hotter and drier. Well, I live in the eastern half, and trust me, it’s not cooler and wetter! Though I have to say it has been ages since we have had a drought.

There is indeed a certain poetic justice to it when the worst global warmers and deniers get hit by bad hurricanes… :slight_smile:

Not that I;m sure that we really need to worry much about climate change. We’ll probably just adapt to it.