Hello Folks, good to meet you!

Nice to find some like minded people on the interwebs.

I’m a devout and fervent atheist and have been for 10 years now.

I’m not much of a humanist on the basis I haven’t found many humans that don’t annoy me.
That said, I’m a lover not a fighter. Fighting is tedious and repetitive and mostly pointless.

I believe firmly in the healing power of pork.

Welcome. You probably believe, like me, in the super power of bacon.

Hiya :slight_smile:

Hallo Toxic-Mouse, and welcome!
Neck chops are the best.

Hello and welcome, Toxic-Mouse, love the biskit hat you’re sporting. My kinda piggy lover - in fact ANY part of the piggy is fabulous eating, if it (the porker) stays still long enough to get the chop, I’ll marinade/fry/braai it.

Is that a flapjack on the bunny’s head?



the meat is good but my personal preferance is crackling… VERY bad for my poor suffering gallbladder though.

Merely exercising his religious freedoms.

Welcome, and bacon be upon you.

Thanks for the welcome!

Faerie - Yes, it’s a flapjack

BM - nice link