How's your science knowledge

The Pew center has a survey with a couple of science questions. It’s pretty easy, but there are some curve balls in there. It was part of the survey that came out a while back about the public’s view of science.

Take it here
and post your score.


Courtesy of the BA

100%! Win!

Fun fun fun

Should be mandatory for grade 12s and Juliaaas.

Very easy. I scored better than 90% of the Public. Go figure.

100% - that was fun… 8)

Does this mean 90% of the public is dumb? I always thought this may be the case…

Wow 100%, lame. Seriously depressing stats. :frowning:

Aha! Got one answer wrong. My knowledge of medicine isn’t up to scratch at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one?

Think it’s because aspirin thins the blood.

I just saw this quiz on another forum I frequent. It is amazing how this kind of thing spreads.

I yesterday saw this comic.

And then typed into google a search term (I don’t wanna give it away) which resulted in this. Dunnknow if it is true but I found it intriguing.

12/12. But which were the curve balls?

Okay, maybe they were curve balls to me :stuck_out_tongue:
The aspirin one I wasn’t really sure of, and there was another I couldn’t quite remember.

Ah-hem … thanks Mandarb for that little ego-boost! My dad was on that OTC drug due to a heart condition so “luckily” I got spared that one potential slip up.

( For those who enjoy quizzes, and not yet familiar with this site, I can recommend: ).


100%. Yes, it’s amazing that so many people can’t even get 1/2 of those right. Reminds me again of a George Carlin quote:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, then you have to realize, 1/2 of them are even stupider than that!” (I’m paraphrasing I’m sure)


100% but it was not difficult.
Although I must admit to being 50/50 on the last question about radioactivity - but not bad for a BA Student.

I used to love this kind of thing on Jay Leno - something called “let’s see how thick the average American on the street is”.

Just revealing as to how many people slip through the basic components of Science education in schooling systems.