Hi, I registered some time ago and although I’ve been lurking for some time, I forgot to say Hi, (so here it is).

I’m Martin Hedington, Administrator and website controller for the Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa, (BGOASA). I also serve on the NEC of Gun Owners of South Africa, (GOSA). I manage a Counter-Crime NGO called CCI, I was the Executive Producer, (just a fancy name for the guy that paid everyone), -for Live Fire TV SA; a one hour documentary on Gun Politics.

CCI published a counter-crime handbook for people living in SA. Called Conditioned Victim? Your Choice! Amongst other things, CV is designed for ordinary people to peruse, then implement various tactics and techniques, both personal and group schemes, (like enclosed suburbs) to reduce their chances of succumbing to a violent criminal attack.

My interest in (and service on) the SA firearm lobby is merely an extension of our general aim, to help people survice this violent and misguided society, (with, or without a firearm I might add, LOL!).

Go well, go safely.


Howdy Martin

Welcome mate.

Ja, welcome.

So I suppose the Man with the Golden Gun can’t join?