Humans to Mars

I am very skeptical of this. If he pulls this off, I will have to eat humble pie, but that’s ok. We cannot even control our own climate, but he wants to terraform another planet? Also, the radiation, they will be fried by the time they get to Mars.

It’s fantasy. In any event, we should not come anywhere near Mars until we are absolutely sure it has no indigenous life.

Some guys really believe this. I had a long frustrating conversation on my broadband with some guy with an info systems degree about electric aeroplanes. He believed it could be done easily. Then got nasty when all the things to be overcome like energy density/weight ratio and landing weight started becoming more obvious and rained on his parade. Some people really want to believe things.

I quite prefer Neil de Grasse Tysons view on the mars colonisation thing (I summarise): What is the logic in spending vast amounts of human resources settling other planets to ensure our survival when, for fractions of those resources, we could prevent tragedies here on earth? We could divert space debris and become environmentally friendly with much more ease and at far lower levels of resource investment than doing a complete overhaul of entire planets.

Thanks Boogie. Neil de Grasse Tyson is one of my favourite presenters and scientists.

I’ll feed it to you with a big spoon ;D