I had to fire someone today

Or as my very British boss says, Sacked the bloody bastard.

Not a nice thing to do, regardless of the circumstances leading up to the event. The guy absolutely loves himself though and could not understand that what he did is not only wrong but a potential disaster in the making in the financial world. Nice enough person though which is the bit that eats at my gentler side.

I escorted him off the premises and I was astounded to see that he drives a screaming canary yellow Peugeot and the colour alone brings out my judgemental side. Its near impossible to trust an adult man who drives a yellow car. Nothing sensible in a yellow car unless I cant afford it. A Lambo comes to mind, but a Peugeot… nope, just gory and not at all sensible.

Anyway, Im done offloading, feel free to rip into my opinion of yellow cars.

A bit of a car racist I see… :smiley: Being self-employed all my life I never experienced being fired (is going bankrupt the business firing the owner?) but had to do the firing a few times. Not nice.

I would think yellow cars are safer, being more visible. Plus, they’re the colour of fire.

I’ve only ever had employers try to refuse my resignations, one even succeeded.

I imagine getting outright fired in this country requires one to step well-and-clear over the legal line. In which case it can’t really be helped. People who are truly worth their salt might even incur the legal protection from the company lawyers. In short: Sounds like they deserved it and there was nothing you could do.

EDIT: I’d buy a Lambo in almost any colour but yellow.

You fired the president?! :o

My boss sacked me once for frecking up a twenty ton batch of automotive grade primer-surfacer. But it was a busy week and I think he forgot to put through the paperwork. :-X In any case, he didn’t seem to have any qualms about firing someone worthy of the honour… which is, of course, exactly as it should be.