Jesus walks

into a hotel, slaps a box of nails onto the lobby counter, and asks: “Can you put me up for the night?”

ah-gods! I love lame jokes!


The church had a Bingo evening. The priest called out all the numbers in Latin so the atheists wouldn’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:

into the grocer and asks: “Mom wants some more of that extra virgin olive oil, please.”

past a group of men near the harbor, and announces that he is on his way to Mt Olive. So Popeye beats him up.

on the Sea of Galilee
and giggles ‘heel’
to the fish nibbling his feet.

…and as the nails penetrate, he comments “wait till I tell my Mom about you okes”

Hermes, haikud you!? :o

Hi, Gemsbok!?

Most LOL in this thread. ;D