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Hey Everyone

I have been listening to the Skeptics Guide for a long, long time - I always though it was common sense stuff, that logical reason was natural and normal. Lucky for me I work in a office where, well to put it mildly, I am disproved that what I consider as common is infact the exception. I laugh inside every day when the next chain letter reaches my inbox about the next solar event which will kill us all or that the entire Gauteng industry is grinding to a halt when courier companies block highways.

Yes, I take my flu shots every year, rather safe than sorry… I am still waiting for the one year when I take my flu shot and get the flu! And yes, I know the difference between Man Flu and Real Flu :slight_smile:

Day 2 Day - I write software bugs for a major bank, surf the net, drink coffee and makes sure no one steals the phone on my desk.
Spare Time, I work on my web site unseenworld.co.za, take photos, look at raw weather data and try to guesstimate what will happen next and collect spare parts for my new flux capacitor.

Other than that I troll the news media and try to make sense of over hyped, blatantly sensational reporting designed to draw readers.

Hi there fellow bug maker.

How did I get here?

Monkeys did it.

Hi & welcome, zamedic.

Hello and welcome!


Me also a bug maker, wonders if there is something about being a programmer that leads to skepticism
Also a fan of SGU.

Lots of you here… :wink:

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.