Just me

Hi all,

Simpler if you just read up on me on my homepage - it’s a little long to post. It’s tina.co.za. Yes, it may be a little outdated, haven’t done anything on it since about 2009. Otherwise… just ask :wink:


welcome…something about your name(s) rings some bells?? >:D

ehm, sweetheart. im assuming you didnt read much on the site, cos, we dont do religion here.

ust starting High School I gave my life to Christ as my lord and savior

and you might not enjoy what we have to say about jebus, sorry, i mean jesus.

I don’t think there’s any problem with a religious person coming onto the site and having a debate. Albeit a civil debate with good rigor behind it.

It’s just that usually they get smacked with a clue-bat so hard they leave post-haste.

Hi Christina Engela,

Since you have elected to address me extensively on another thread before introducing yourself, I assume my “welcome” might be belated, but rather late than never, welcome in any case.

Did you choose the names “Christina Engela” specifically for the skeptic forum?

Hi and welcome to here. :slight_smile:

ha ha ha. good one boogie

Welcome! :smiley:

Logic and Rationality. Its what usually works here. :wink: