Killing lions.

So, for those who live under a rock, social media, and the media in general exploded this last week or so over a picture of a huntress proudly displaying the lion she’d shot.

There were death threats, there were allusions about humans destroying nature, there were petitions that she be banned from SA forever, and general outrage to be found all over the place. As I type this angry posts are still hitting my FB wall with startling regularity.

There are voices of reason (although the gender-bias slant I found particularly unexpected) to be found here and there. I even took to posting some stuff myself. However it seems once again the reasonable are being absolutely drowned out in a deluge of “moral hate”, as I’d like to call it.

What say you?

I don’t like it but without it there would be far less lions. This is farming lions and can hunting is harvest time. Bad for the individual good for the species.

Hunting photos and stuffed trophies are bit grim for my taste. The majority of people have an aversion to killing things just for the sake of killing, and frankly I’d rather have it like that than the other way around.


Yup. I find it a bit tasteless, but if we have to have that kind of outpouring of national hatred every time we run into something tasteless, I can’t see why Justin Bieber is still alive.

In the meantime, it helps to preserve the species (in the same way that the equally tasteless mass murder of thousands of cattle and chickens in abattoirs is, rather paradoxically, helping to preserve those species). Hopefully Miss (Mrs?) Bachman will soon also be posing with a rhino. :slight_smile:

So. Verdict: storm in a teacup. |-O

In the longer run this fanatic greenery will probably cause the extinction of much of our wildlife, but seeing as I cannot afford to visit game reserves anyway, I’m not sure it bothers me all that much.