Kruger park and Mug & Bean

“She who must be obeyed” and I spend a few days in the Park. Gone are the really bad Park burgers. The cafeterias and restaurants are now Mug & Bean and Debonair pizza places. The food is better but could they not have come up with better African names just for their park places? You also open the menu and the first item is “The All American breakfast”. Should that not have been the Hungry Lion breakfast or something?

Some travel advice: Avoid the road from Mica (not you friedly corner hardware shop, the town Mica popolation 2) and Phalaborwa. A two, going down to a one on a 5 point scale.

Perhaps the menu is meant for the lions. :wink:

Cannot recall exactly where we stopped for lunch when we visited the park in 2008-ish but I remember large thatched roofs, with fruit bats hanging from them. I think it might have been next to the Krokodilrivier. Nice place.


That was probably at Skukuza. The bats are not there any more. Don’t know why or what happened to them.

I haven’t been to Kruger in decades. Can’t afford it. And I don’t have a car. It’s probably not the best idea to travel there on a motorcycle.

Last time I was there, they still had the traditional Kruger restaurants; the burgers were delicious. Well, at least the meat bit was. I never got to the bun, because a squirrel hopped onto the table, grabbed the bun from under the meat and ran off with it. :slight_smile:

And you could still buy elephant meat. Sounds to me like they have turned the place into a mall now. Soon we’ll be able to dispense with the real animals and tourists will be able to look at animatronic ones… :slight_smile:

It’s not too bad imho. I’m more a fan of the new setup than the old one. Last I was there (2 years ago?) as a day visitor, I thought they’d integrated the commercial side of things quite nicely into the surroundings. Could still sit on a wooden deck at a (some restaurant I forget) and look out over the river chock full of hippo and crocks (Crocodile bridge I think). It was quite relaxing actually, the food was up to scratch and so was the service.

By mid-day we ended up at some-or-other no-name food stop somewhere between somewhere and nowhere. Yes that’s how specific I can be about it. It was dirt and a fast-food joint in the middle of the bush. I was much less impressed by the more “authentic” experience to be had there. In short: It was chaos.

It was at Skukuza. They chased the bats away by putting blocks of chlorine around the roosting spots! >:(