I havent given Lego a thought for the last 12 odd years since my youngest grew out of his childhood toys. I didnt get rid of it though and when we moved house early 2015, I cam across the boxes of bricks and packed them up nicely. My S/O unpacked that particular box late November and I found him in the storeroom on his backside building things. I got him a nice set for xmas and now I’m a Lego widow. Even his diet is going nicely because he gets home and starts building and forgets to eat.

Who still have their Lego sets and spends some time with it? I was gobsmacked at the new techno sets and it certainly is not just for kiddies to play with anymore.

LEGO is like crack for tech types it’s true. I know a couple of grown men who spend frankly ridiculous amounts of money on the “hobby”.

And that’s what puts me off. Little teeny sets with 5 parts and an instruction manual now go for the type of money I don’t want to put down for toys. I love lego, I love the idea of lego, I still know exactly where my sizable collection is from my childhood years: still in a glass jar in the same cupboard it inhabited when I was 2. But holy cow has that shit gotten expensive!

If I felt the price were reasonable I’d probably buy crates of the stuff. But as it is I have other grown-up responsibilities. :confused:

My poison was Tinkertoys.

But I did enjoy this Lego based animation from years ago

I had pretty much the same views until I go this set. It is spectacular. Hubby bought an additional set (for spare parts) and is now designing all sorts of complicated structures with moving parts etc. I’ll post a pic over the weekend.

I didnt find the prices too dreadful, R2k for 2464 pieces, most of these are engineering type pieces which moves and whatnot, the straightforward blocks of my youth are cheaper.

I bought my little son–he must have been about 6 or 7–a Meccano set for his birthday. About 6 hours after he had opened it he came and interrupted my fun by asking, with a sad expression on his face, when he would get a turn playing with his present.

I enjoyed Lego and Lego-like sets as a kid. Not sure I would be very much into it nowadays. It’s in any event way too expensive.

But then, I’m an artist, and my job is to spend the whole day inventing things. By evening, I want to relax with other people’s inventions, like movies or music. :slight_smile: