Load shedding - The solution

The problems? 1: We are led by incompetent politicians. 2: Something like 40% of our workforce is unemployed. 3: We live unhealthy lifestyles. 4: Gyms are mostly empty. 5: We have load-shedding! The solution? 1: Connect the gym equipment to the power grid. 2: Employ the unemployed, and get them working on those idle gym equipment. 3 As a nation, our health improves. 4: Power gets generated, so there is an improvement in load shedding. 5: Politicians don’t have to feel quite as bad about their incompetence. Everybody wins!

If you have 40 minutes to spare, the good doctors Rutherford and Fry investigated precisely such organically derived electricity recently, and published the results in their presumably peer reviewed podcast. (Not to give the conclusion away, but the energy output of living matter turns out to be pretty dismal.)

Still, the incompetence of our leaders of which you speak could offer a solution. The country may well benefit from the long overdue invention of the Ineptorator, a machine capable of generating useful 220VAC from the potential difference created between bio-input and its own AI based logical evaluation circuitry. It’s all somewhat technical and complicated, but a back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that the entire Atlantic seaboard can be powered from parliamentary emissions alone.

Eskom doesn’t want that future because there’s no billions to steal from building non functioning gyms. And even if they did… the gyms would be non-functioning.

There are supposed to be IPP’s delivering oodles of power to them but Eskom blocks the way every chance they get. Once again… they’d rather rule over ruins than give some of the power away.

The SOLUTION is to become completely independent from Eskom as a producer. Not easy, maybe expensive, but the only way. As the rule states: Don’t throw good money after bad.

Which is sadly something our government does not understand in even the remotest sense. In fact, the belief seems to be that the only way to save deeply corrupted and derelict institutions is to throw ever more money at them.

My opinion of the source of this may be misplaced, but there it is.