Lolly's mafia

It reads like a crime novel from the 1930/40’s and one can only muse what might transpire next, in all honesty, I’m certain that a lot of people regret ever meeting that man.

The death of Andrews, 36, is the latest in a series of murders that have rocked the Johannesburg underworld since early last year.

An informed source told Media24 Investigations that Andrews called his parents on Tuesday, saying that he was being “set up” for the murder of Jackson’s former lawyer Ian Jordaan, who was killed a week ago, and that he told them he feared for his life

* Jackson was shot dead in May last year. Other underworld killings have included the kidnapping and murder of German supercar dealer Uwe Gemballa, the drive-by shooting of Cape Town gangland boss Cyril Beeka, the murder in December last year of Chris Couremetis, a Johannesburg businessman who was shot dead at the Cradle of Humankind after a wedding.

Sounds almost like “The Departed”.

scary shit. and i have a teasers down the road from me. maybe i should start taking the backroads for a while…

Be very wary of anyone carrying a violin case, or wearing a pinstripe suit with a hat.

Scallywag did business with Lolly (sold him bulk SMS packages). She says he had a phone on his desk shaped like a dick and he answered it while she was in his office. According to Scallywag, you talk into the balls end with that kind of phone.

…so the sharp end is stuck in your ear!!! :smiley:


If Jackson had been using that phone when he got bumped off, would he have heard it coming? :o


In his ear?


hee hee hee the lols!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Well, yes. The hands-free kit for that model of phone sucks… :wink:


Bwhahahahahaaa! Gods!