Matric Re-union: Class of 1962!

It is my dubious privilege to be attending my (1st ever) 50th matric reunion at Affies in Pretoria next weekend. Looking through the names of those who’ve survived half a century, it was quite weird to visualise each guy as he was 50 years ago: for example well-known actor Marius Weyers (we all know what he looks like now) was a budding amateur actor in the drama class; he and I shared the reputation for refusing to become prefects when nominated. I estimate that at least 10 of my class are dominees/priests/pastors; another 15 are Dr’s, some professors and a number of millionaire business men. It’ll be interesting: I’m looking forward to the experience.

Jeez Brian … that’s quite a reunion. I’m sure you’l have a blast. So far I’ve also avoided my reunions, but I think i’ll follow your example and attend my fiftieth as well. And then every fifty years from there on. :wink:


I’ve always ensured that I’m elsewhere engaged for my reunions as well. I just simply cannot bring myself to attend a function where I will be required to hug and kiss old “acquantances” and lie to their faces about how good they look. I never liked any of them anyway.

Its also one of the reasons I decline to join facebook.

I hope you enjoy it Brian!

Our 10y reunion was awesome, just made a point to get a table with all my old buds and we had a blast. True, the other folks looked at us a bit weird but fuckem.

Some feedback: I attended the 50th reunion (my 1st ever reunion) and I really enjoyed seeing old friends…but Jesus Christ are we not ancient! It was quite hilarious trying to figure who was who! Sporting heroes fell by the wayside (except me of course… >:D) some of the clever guys turned out civil servants while the majority became professionals (lawyers, one High court Judge; a CEO of ESKOM, medical specialists, engineers etc). Interesting to note that despite probable wealth and age, very few saw fit to “retire”…methinks retirement is a myth in any case.
More Importantly, I realised that old Model C schools (politically incorrect I know) like Affies, Pta Boys High, Durban HS etc are mostly exceptional examples of what can be done if parent bodies work together. Of the 85 teachers at Affies only 47 are paid by Govt and in the last 4 years 20 million has been raised and spent on infrastructure etc.

Glad you had a good time. I don’t want to go to mine as it would be a depressing affair. My best schoolmate and another roommate died years ago. Our head boy (he was a Craven week player) is now a car guard on the street, somewhere on the East Rand. I know of at least on more class mate that turned into an alcoholic. Better I put my head in the sand where this is concerned.