Maybe the only Christian


Thanks for all the people who have already commented on my posts.

Skeptic? In the words of A.W. Tozer ‘It may be no sin to doubt some things, but it may be fattal to believe everything.’

My hobies include reading and writing poetry, playing chess, cricket, tennis and even bowls :stuck_out_tongue: I keep a tropical fresh water aquarium.

I recently finished my post grad in education.

My favourite movies include; Facing the Giants, Flywheel, Fireproof, Braveheart, WALL - E, Phantom of the Opera, Gladiator, King Arhur.

So far it seems I am the only Christian on this site :slight_smile:

Keep well. (Do it all the way through) :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

No, you’re not. There have been several others before you but they have gone inactive.


I keep a tropical fresh water aquarium.

I also have a soft spot for the sea kittens, and spend far too much time and money fiddling with the koi pond! ::slight_smile:

Welcome here.


They run away when they’re outnumbered…

Just kidding… we love all people. Welcome OHA!


Thanks for the warm welcome.

Actually, one man with God is a majority :slight_smile:

But I enjoy healthy, respectul feedback.

Mintaka: Aquarium - my favourite fish is a ‘Black Ghost’ - a sort of knife-fish. Completely black, virtually blind and with the head that looks like an eal. (Do it all the way through)

I’ve scored 1 out of 10: waxed the envy one. Never thought of myself as a murderer before, but there it is, in bright orange letters. Why is it so impotant for God to convince you that there is something wrong with being human?


Apart from wanting to attack the idiot who allows so much time for the baby to blow bubbles in the right hand corner, I had misel’ some fun. People, there it was, in black & orange: I am NOT going to heaven. But I can’t be bothered about reading all that cr#p about how to rectify the situation. Hectic day. Goodnight.


If you are still around ? Welcome!

So far it seems I am the only Christian on this site Smiley

Keep well. (Do it all the way through) Smiley

  1. Always ask yourself the question: “qui bono?”( for whom it is of advantage) when you study doctrines. I.a.w. what are the motives (hidden)?

  2. If you understand evolution you will appreciate it that is impossible to pass an university degree when you are in grade 1.
    You will pass the test when you mature (ready) for it.
    It’s all OK to have the ten commandments. But I think if these are the criteria to determine who goes to heaven then that place would be desolated.
    If you would try and grasp the fact that heaven is “state of mind” not a place. Then some of the Christian Doctrine in a way still makes sense.

    Live/obey the ten commandments and you would have peace of mind (i.a.w. heaven-on-earth). The other heaven/hell story is there to scare the hell out of

  3. Eventually you and only you decide what to believe and how to live with it. Remember as they say “time will tell”. Nobody wants to convert you. But it
    maybe beneficial to see the other side of things. We are here because we are here so you might as well live (responsibly) (remember the ten commandments) And if there is a subliminal heaven that you go to when you die, you would automatically go straight there anyway.


Hey, we all have hidden skills that come as a pleasant surprise when we discover them. ;D

Oh, wait, is murder supposed to be a bad thing? Sorry, my bad.

P.S. The authors of this forum software should be smacked upside the head for including a “marquee” tag. Just saying.

:o Oh Honestly, if you are not into skepticism then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We have all heard the drivel before. I simply do not believe that the man with the beard on Sinai had the authority to declare the basics of morality let alone that some christian web site has the integrity or insight to judge the goodness of human beings. ‘God and I are a majority’, what foolhardy, imaginative arrogance!

Get out of the shadow you live in, get rid of the blinkers, get real life, real peace, real joy, get out of christianity, peace that passes understanding is found outside of religions not in them!

Are you talking about Zeus, and isn’t it Mount Olympus?

And what was the first thing Moses did when he came down from said mountain to deliver these “morals” that declared that “thou shalt not kill” etc.?

He murdered 3000 people!

And why do they cherry-pick the easy parts? Why don’t they follow instructions and stone their disobedient children to death? Then we’ll see how many “Christians” are left!

What a load of nonsense! Fire breathing dragons, talking snakes, talking donkeys, talking trees, turning water into wine, walking on water and a prime example of of total immoral garbage… Judges 19! The most disgusting es-aich-eye-tee I’ve ever read in any literature.

It’s clearly fairy tales written by a barbaric race of desert-dwelling troglodytes.

Nonsense. I am also sometimes irrational. And Im sure there have been others who have been here that simply
believe anything without any solid evidence. Hell, I actually believe England can win the Fifa world cup
but I have no prove that they can.