Memorial Diamonds

Something else to do with your loved one’s ashes beside keeping it in an urn on your bookshelf is a privately owned UK company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Part of the Phoenix Group, we specialize only in pure memorial diamonds created from your loved ones ashes (cremains) or hair.

Our diamonds are genuine and real diamonds with exactly the same characteristics as mined diamonds only instead of being created by nature deep in the earth, your unique memorial diamond is created within high tech’ laboratory facilities which basically replicate the immense pressures and heat found in deep in the earth.

A bit macarbe in my opion, but I suppose if stuffing your dead pet and putting it on show in your living room floats your boat, then wearing your Granny on your finger might be just the thing for you.

Kinda cool. Perhaps I should turn my cat into a glittering nipple stud. :slight_smile:

I thought ashes were what’s left after all the carbon has burnt off. So what do they make the diamond from?


Yup, I wondered about that too. Perhaps some carbon is always left, or perhaps they use their own carbon and infuse the diamonds with the ashes - maybe that is what causes the colour?