miracle claims and weird products?

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I’m not a scientist, but would like to know your thoughts. On Chai FM they have this lifestyle show and today they invited on a person to talk about the Rebounder. Listening to that talk and looking at their web site, I’m very disturbed about the amount of benefits they are claiming for this product? Obviously exercise has benefits, but to me it seems like they are trying to hype this as an extreme all-in-one solution, making some claims about how energy is everything or something, and having a disgusting phrase on their site saying “Oxygenates all the tissues - and where there is oxygen there cannot be disease.”? How can you claim like that? It sounds ridiculous!
I’d be happy to be corrected, but to me it sounds very unscientific? Apart from that, they’re selling some other products that also seem like totally unscientific junk, mentioning terms like quantum, which I have always been told to be aware of. I’m talking about something called the TRIVORTEX Water Disc, which claims to actually improve water structure! I’m not a scientist, but isn’t this nonsense, how can you improve water structure when water is a compound of elements already?
To see what I mean look at

It’s 98% woo-woo. The benefits of rebounding are enthusiastically overstated and there is a wealth of scientific misrepresentation and plain falsehood on the SA Rebounding website.

Claims of “structure” in water concern not so much individual H2O molecules as they do groups of water molecules that can arrange themselves in complex patterns via hydrogen bonds (without which water would be a gas at standard temperature and pressure). These patterns become evident in snowflakes. The problem is that, to the best of our knowledge, in liquid water such structures are very short-lived (a few microseconds), so any assertions about “improving” water structure are farfetched to begin with. Moreover, it has yet to be shown that some water structures are preferable to others for living organisms.

No doubt there are other objections also.


What Mefiante said.

I found it to be one of those amusing sites that make opposing statements in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Any website that has bouncing (no pun intended) or moving features and simultaneously claim scientific facts needs to be looked at with a critical mind.

Chai FM? On what frequency can I find that?

Rebounding, now that is a feat of pure marketing genius. “Bouncing up and down” renamed and sold like a product, just, wow. I’ll pick up my jaw in an hour or so.