More of the same old shit

I was stuck in traffic behind this guy. What is he saying? If it’s not in jesus name I may as well not bother? They have the monopoly on good deeds? What total arrogance.

Yeah. There’s this car parked at my office with a sticker:

God said it. I believe it. That ends it.
I think the pillock who owns the car works in the call centre, where IQs are rarely higher than shoe size.

If you’re referring to the flyer on the left, this person is trying to say, “I’m going to heaven when I die ’cos I’ve accepted Jesus as my saviour.” (Most of Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant, agrees that you can be the saintliest person ever but you don’t get into heaven without Jesus as your appointed saviour. The “key” that’s mentioned is this acceptance of Jesus, which in reality was just the easiest way the church could keep its claws in people.)

If you’re referring to the flyer on the right, this person is trying to say, “You have free will so choose Jesus.” (Note the obvious contradiction that a choice can never be a free one if it is made under the weight of knowing that the punishment for the wrong choice is eternal torment.)

What the person is actually saying with both flyers is, “I’m a halfwit who didn’t pay any attention during English classes at school and I don’t care if the world knows it.”


Your powers of interpretation verge on the biblical.

Ekshully, the person is a wuckfit - which is defined as a fuckwit who can’t spell.

Only in the mind of a complete wuckfit, is the threat of eternal torture not forcing a choice…

Our legal system disregards contracts based on coercion…Just a thought…

Maybe Jesus is also looking out for the blind spots his stupid posters are covering!