Moses was a Liar

on page 141!!! ;D

GCG, perhaps I’m missing the plot, but where can I find pg 141? A clue, please!

2 mins later. Is this a recent book? The penny drops …

ot’s brian’s book. got it on saturday.

Jee you reading quickly!

yep, my tolkien book turned out to have the last quater just family trees, and it had a kak ending anyhows.


erm, not sure. had to deal with a maggot invasion in my bedroom from a rotting bee-hive in my ceiling. so the reading has been sparse.

I had that happen to us some years ago…disgusting. In our case it was a rotten mamba! :o

LOL. Only in Africa!

I allready hate Bennie and what his face, Graham.

Bennie’s a real asshole…and graham’s a creep…like some people I know!

i can see kak coming between graham and esme,and i suspect she will kick his ass.

Hah at last the reprint is due out early December…then I’ll be rocking the boat with promotions and whatever…writing a movie script at the moment about the people of red valley The Red Priestess is the heroine.

Heh? book’s 2nd edition grew to 684 pages from the incorrect 1st version of 584 pages…haven’t seen it yet…waiting >:(

maybe the footnotes took up more space than expected? or the monkeys added more typing errors?

there were 30 footnotes in total, but substantial content changes that I made although I also excised stuff as well…maybe they changed the font…I know my mother is unable to read the book because the font is too small (12 point) but then she is 94…needs one word per page now! Must try electronic books.

I need some help! I’ve created a blog (sheer amateur at it) (comments on the blog itself will also be welcomed from you fundies out there especially when it comes to links etc) that posts chapters from my Moses book for anybody to read for free. More importantly, I wish to elicit comments as I’m in the process of writing a sequel titled "Christians, Cannibals and Cannabis" and comments will be of great assistance. I have also subscribed to a writers forum and will submit stuff there as well (LISTS.PSU.EDU LISTSERV Server (15.5) [email protected]) which has been very helpful. If any of you have the time or inclination I’d appreciate it.