MyBroadband Threatens to Stifle Religious Debate

Rudolph Muller ( rpm ), the owner of the very popular MyBroadband forum today once again threatened to close down the “Philosophical Debates” section of the forum:

We have recently received a slew of complaints about this forum section, and this resulted in a few forum bans (section bans). One member now decided to pro-actively contact companies to badmouth MyBroadband (he is obviously asking for trouble, but that is another issue altogether ).

If the PD forum results in these types of problems we will have no choice to shut it down. There may well be a few more section bans in the pipeline if the discussions continue to attack members/religions and the like, and unless it becomes more civil we will close the forum.

I hope you understand our position on this.

One vocal anti-religion member appears to have been banned from the PD section. ( Dear Teleological/Phronesis/now-Techne has just returned from a 6-month ban from the forum for being norty and rude, but that is another issue. )

In a subsequent post rpm mentions “blasphemy” as one of the problem issues.

Well I have been silenced amongst those mentioned except I’m banned from the whole site for a month. Not like balstrome just from PD. Which is kinda weird. I haven’t really been active there in a long time, choosing to read mostly with the occasional quip or comment.

I did get an infraction for calling telic a dickhead two or three days ago. (the cunt has since his unbanning opened all the threads he had over here, plus some, over on that side - classic phrony on steroids)

The infraction is well deserved as it is a blatant disregard for their rules. And I have also gotten away with much worse there over the years, thus no complaints from me. But I have, including this last infraction, 6 permanent infractions (with a perma ban looming at 10). I am intelligent enough to never let it come to that if I don’t explicitly choose to.

Anyway, now I have a ban simply stating ‘for infractions’ - which doesn’t make sense in lieu of the infraction rules they have in place. Although I noticed my very last post had been deleted, which could theoretically have gotten me another infraction (bringing the total to 7) if a mod was being particularly pig headed. It was one on calling out telic for bringing pabi to the masses. But attacked his ideas and not him, within the rules as far as I am concerned.

It seems there is a drive to silence the ‘blasphemous’ over there and it being RPM’s site, well within his rights, I’d say. I suspect my days of posting there and taking on their mantle of “respect” has come to an end. Had to happen someday.

But I had loads of fun I’ll fondly remember. And one day this ridiculous “respect” for religion will be a thing of the past. I’ll keep chipping at it in the meantime in my very own ways.

“Stifle Religious Debate”? Lol, such a drama queen. Aren’t you the one that says “shit happens”… even in your brain. Could your brain make an argument why blasphemy adds to constructive, informative and a good debate?

Blasphemy, because the creator of the cosmos and life and everything cares about what a primate species on a dust spec in a corner of the vast universe thinks and says of him. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

What a bunch of crock and what a fucked up God to be so petty and small-minded. And these theists demand this respect. Not only from themselves and follow believers on threat of hellfire, but from me as a non believer. Ludicrous beyond comprehension.

Telic, your God is an insignificant ego maniac but I guess he is simply a reflection of you, his fervent ass kissing toady.

Could your brain possibly connect the obvious? Based on available evidence, I guess not.


Are these gods so insignificant and weak that they needs all of their followers to defend them? Are they, the gods, or maybe the followers the ones who see blasphemy in every statement that goes against their unexplainable or illogical beliefs and doctrines?
Blasphemy is and always has been a victimless crime and if all christians were to take the same approach as they think would be suitable in the case of the various islamic fatwas we might have circumstances for reasonable and intelligent debate. At the moment one side in the conversation appears to insist on setting the rules of the interaction while reserving the right to move the goal posts and to call foul whenever they want!!
Blasphemy is only in the mind and hearing of the one who insists on being offended and should not be allowed as a divine "get out of jail free card!!

What is clearly obvious is that it adds about as much to any decent debate as your above sentence. If you can’t connect the obvious, it adds .

Well, one of the definitions of “blasphemy” in my OED is “impious irreverence”, which sounds pretty constructive and informative to me, especially in the face of all the unsubstantiated god-drivel you clappers like to spew out.

On the thread title, are you against or for closing down local places where religious debate occurs? Would you prefer such to be censored? If so, where are you going to post all your claptrap? And would you like it if said claptrap is protected from criticism? Is ignorance bliss?


ROFL! Just been over to MyBB to find what appears to be a nipped-in-the-bud attempt by you to clone yourself. Pity about BOÖTES - he, strangely, agreed with all the twaddle you were posting, supporting you in every way. Now he’s been clobbered LOL! Nothing like a clone to provide a bit of “constructive, informative and good debate”. Requiescat in pace Booties - he once was found but now is lost, as the song goes. ;D ;D


AFTERLIFE PROVEN - BOÖTES LIVES ON. When you die, you go to heaven, which is located in Google’s cache ( and now on my hard drive ). ROFL some more! ;D

Nah, what’s clearly obvious is that you, like most of your religious compatriots, hangers-on, clones, alter egos and sock puppets are not capable of seeing the most patently obvious things, preferring to whine about how badly you’re treated. And don’t be pretending that you’re after “decent debate” because that’s a smelly, argument-free, unabashed lie – just like most everything you post, in fact.


insane kudos mate!!!

Hmm, I somehow managed to miss this before.

So it’s yet another case where a simple statement of an uncomfortable fact has to take a back seat to not maybe hurting someone’s feelings?


idd - it may interest that I registered on that site in *2006 / 2007, raked up 5000 plus posts and in total 11 or 12 infractions

(some expire and one’s record is purged - so my official count is 6 - well 7 if I got one for that last post, which ironically, would also be the only one of all the infractions I got, I’d have objected to and now I cannot :wink: )

and as far as I recall, all my infractions comes from interaction with only two individuals.

make of that what you will :smiley:

*all data from failing memory, cannot access site to give accurate information

Hey BOOTIES, where ARE you?? Hiding behind all that egg on your face? Or in a dualistic decline wondering whether you should be BOOTIES or Phroners today? Or are you two having a “constructive, informative and a good debate” with yourselves?

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: