New Heroes

Congratulations to Cyghost and Peter Grant, who have just become Hero Members.

Thank you, thank you! ;D

As a fully caused hero though I feel that the credit should be shared equally. If you lot weren’t so fascinating I’d have lost interest long ago. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m curious… however did you know because this is how I found out…

It seems you become a hero after 500 posts. It is shown above your atavar. I’m happy to be the messenger of good tidings.

Do I get a cape or something? ;D

Hey Hermes - if you get to 250 posts you will reach “seniour” status. We KNOW you can do it. Hero seems so damn far away - SIGH Well done guys.

Forget the cape, I want one of these:

jisses what’s that? a new age vibrator?

You want a fictional tool? >:D

For fighting fictional Gods, yes! ;D

The only hassle with that is that it won’t open a ‘deadlock seal’; sounds like someone we know on this forum and many others >:D

Why would that be? Is the deadlock seal you are referring to made of wood? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not diss the sonic! ;D

congratulations cothcatgirl it took me a while to get used to your style but i ofter enjoy your expressions

why, spank you very much. i checked i ticked over to hero-status, but thought it had been like that for a while, and i’m to dof to have noticed.

whoo-hoo for me! ;D

yep, she’s a sonic tonic! ;D

Cool - the hero thread. Well done GothCatGirl. I always look forward to your posts and you seriously ROCK.

I have much less time for the internet these days so my Hero status (another 100 posts) seems doerweg in the future.

Well done Stevo,

Considering the contribution you also make elsewhere for “the cause”, this is well deserved.

so it only took you 29 days from doerrweg to ‘hero’…well done, bru.