New member from Secunda

Well, hi everyone.

I don’t usually participate in forums, I am more of a lurker, and too shy for my own good. But I am so impressed at finding an actual South-African skeptic forum, I feel I have to introduce myself.

(Also, I have recently read “Why are you atheists so angry” by Greta Christina, and I agree with her idea that we should get out of the closet.)

I have been atheist for many years (I am 39). When I did my military service in 1991, I was for the firsts time introduced to people who are atheist/agnostic. I suppose I always had some doubt, I was not completely brainwashed mostly because my dad was not very interested in religion. (just going through the motions, mostly)

So, there I turned agnostic. Being a fairly verocious reader, I started reading whatever I could get my hands on, (not much of an internet in those days) starting with the bible. (Confession, I skipped a lot of the REALLY boring parts). Not long after that, I turned completely atheist, and here I am.

As I said, I am much better at reading than typing, so I will leave you with that.

Welcome … nice having you around Johann. Secunda is near the Park isn’t it? You must please feel free to chirp in anytime … we’d love to hear your thoughts too! ;D


Welcome. We are almost neighbors.I am from Middelburg.

Welcome Johann!

I dont think Atheists are an angry lot, its the xtians that are confused and seeking reasons for our lack of belief, and “Angry at God” suits them just fine! idiots.

I hope you enjoy it here, and do post, the more the merrier and as most of us are avid readers, your opinions would be welcomed.

As one of my heroes has said:

Welcome Johannsny!

:slight_smile: I’m also more of a lurker than an actual participant, though I do take part every once in a while. I prefer to hear what others have to say more than I do the other way around, the guys who are active on here are awesome though.