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Hello to all.

Glad I could find a forum with SA skeptics. I have been one all my life and thought I was pretty much on my own although I was always outspoken regarding biblical themes. People in SA tend to avoid the subject when I am around. Most of those I know won’t debate Xtianity with me because I seem to know the bible better than they do. However they have a long way to go because on my facebook wall they are forever sending messages to each other thanking god and asking to be prayed for, although they never mention religion in public. My present international colleagues, being in the engineering field, tend to dismiss religion entirely, making me quite comfortable.

I have a military background which involved keeping complicated systems functioning. I now work for a major overseas multinational keeping their systems functioning.

I work in a multidisciplinary engineering field where first principles are essential. First principles really help to discern between the possible and junk. I also travel extensively internationally as part of my job and thus see how different people react to different things. I also have an intense interest in medicine, having had two uncles as doctors.

It looks like I will be preaching to the converted here though and I believe I will enjoy myself.

Good to meet you! Enjoy a great meeting place.


Hello! Welcome here!

Alhoa :wink:

welcome SKEPrat…

Welcome SKEPRat. Most welcome. Looking forward to your posts.