Newbie here

Hi everyone.

I’m a 23 year old student, grew up in Sasolburg now living in Potchefstroom. Grew up in the gereformeerde kerk(the guys that said you should not stand and “vry” because this could lead to dancing and dancing is evil) but never really believed the craziness although i tried. I"m currently busy with my masters in chemical engineering. I love science and have a need to know how the world works this is probably why the god answer was not good enough for me. I’m a great follower of the 4 horse men but enjoy Dawkins work the most probably because of the science in them. I actually enjoy the stupidity of people, my favorite was the powerband and listening to people try to defend spending R500 on a piece of rubber with a credit card hologram in it.

TV Shows: South Park, Penn & Teller, Criminal minds, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Breaking bad, House, Dexter, ect.

Movies: I not a big movie fan their either shit and you wasted 2 hours of your life or their great and is only 2 hours and you want 10 hours.

Music: Rock and blues, Love music fests like Oppikoppi, Strab and Forr.

Hobbies: Photography, Poker playing and computer gaming.

Ok that is me summed-up, looking forward to contributing to the forum.

Welcome! Glad you’re still enjoying the stupidity of people, I can only manage a few minutes at a time lately, its an age thing, the older I get, the more tedious it becomes. Its not always easy being a skeptic.

Hope you enjoy it here!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome bobilus,

The guys on the site here are really great. I am sure that you will enjoy it here.

Interesting to read you are doing chemical engineering. Will be good to read your future posts.


welkom boet/sus?? You’ll enjoy it so we look forward to your contributions…