Nigerian courts convict two for witchcraft

Leo Igwe reports on this at the JREF site: . This continent has some way to go - even the batshit Baptists in Alabama would think this sort of thing absurd.

We do indeed have a long way to go, but there are encouraging signs of change on the horizon. Sceptics in Africa are becoming more organised and vocal, and there are indications that they are being heard. The recent case, also in Nigeria, of the goat arrested for the attempted theft of a Mazda 323 (well, a human wouldn’t want to steal one of those, would he?) brought well-deserved ridicule upon the police involved.

Are we comparing absurdities? I would be truly hard pressed to choose. I can’t even look kindly on “moderate” xtians and muslims these days. I want to. But I can’t.

We are entering 2012 ffs. >:(

He claimed that the two accused persons confessed to the crime. He told the court that one of the accused persons, Adama, took away the spirit of Hafsatu and gave it to the co-accused, Ibrahim. Since then, the spirit of Hafsatu had supposedly been in the custody of Ibrahim.

The accused persons were compelled by the court to “return” the spirit of the victim. They were made to walk over her body in the courtroom, and later went to the bush and got some traditional medicine for her. The chief magistrate, Ahmed Shuaibu, sentenced the two accused persons and ordered that they be remanded in prison custody until Hafsatu Sani fully recovered.

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In that case, those batshit Baptists in Alabama are streets ahead of the RCC. Even after a quadruple lobotomy, you’d have no trouble recognising that there simply isn’t a facepalm forceful enough to do full justice to the fathomless stupidity of the Vatican.

Humanity’s future in the hands of these geniuses looks dismal and bleak.