Nog 'n boertjie

Hi there

I wasn’t even aware of the existence of this forum! Thanks Ingwe for pointing me in this direction. ;D

I’m an atheist and am also a member at RatSkep and Ratz (with the same username). You can also find me on facebook under the same name.

I grew up in the Afrikaans apartheid christian era. I was a christian for a short while (from age 17 - 22), but then abandoned it. There was just too much in christianty that just didn’t make sense to me anymore. I retained some woo-ish ideas (that god was an invisible kind of force etc) for a while, but eventually abandoned it as well.

I look forward to talking to you all!!! ;D

Can someone please point me in the direction of the pub on the forum (I enjoy drinking large amounts of brandy in the evening ;D ;D :D)

Hi Dries, Welcome in our mids.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.

Let the Boere-Afrikaners see the light!

My pleasure and a big welcome. I look forward to interaction here.

Welcome, Dries. The pub is here.

Dag, en welkom!

Hallo Dries. Welkom by ons.

Al van jou gesien op RatSkep. Mens let op die Suid Afrikaners wat daar gesels… :smiley:

welkom Driesman…smaak my die boerewors gordyn raak al hoe dunner! ;D

Welcome Dries. I always have extra respect for Afrikaaners who make a stand for truth. It’s more difficult for you since Christianity is so closely tied to being Afrikaans. Us Souties - well, we get accused of abandoning our families and our traditions etc. but our Boer friends get accused of abandoning Volk en Faderland as well. Respect to you Dries - and welcome.

Welcome Dries, I have the same background as you do and also retained some woo-ish thoughts after abandoning Christianity at age 18. Thankfully these disappeared over time as my critical thinking intensified.

Welcome Dries. Hope you don’t mind my prying, but what about before you were 17? Did you grow up an atheist, or are you not counting the early years?

Before I was 17, I went to church and sunday school. My parents told me to do it and everybody else was doing it, so it was more of a cultural thing. I never thought much about it as faith, but more as religion. If you had to ask me during that period what my religion/faith was, I’d probably say “NG kerk”. AT 17 however, I had a conversion type experience. Went through the whole process of accepting jesus as my saviour, becoming a “born-again” christian; leading prayer meetings and bible studies at school, etc. After school I did my stint of two years in the defence force, still clinging to my faith. It was only after I went to university that things about christianity started bothering me. Eventually I got to a point where I had to look at christianity from a critical perspective. After doing that, I realised it was a load of bullshit, and walked away from it.