Not funny...

A thread to counter-act the LOL thread, I am quite taken aback at this:

You’re right. That’s not funny at all.

You can be sad that such a sign is needed. Or maybe you could be upbeat that at least someone in government cares.

One also sees “car hijacking hot spot” signs at some intersections. Not sure they help much; once such a sign goes up, the hijackers/rapists probably just move somewhere else.

No, they think “Gosh! What a good idea! I hadn’t considered hijacking a car, but now that you mention it I think that’s what I’ll do…”

Shit Steve Harvey Says (Youtube video)

A bit like road signs saying “potholes!” instead of doing something about the problem, let’s just put up a sign.

Perhaps they’ll soon have signs at government offices saying “Beware! Corrupt official hot spot.”

Bwahahaha. ;D

Reminds me when I drove my Landie to Dar es Salaam some years ago: When you cross the border signs everywhere tell you “this is a corruption free zone!” I left a few hours later $1000 the poorer on graft payments…just saying!

Their English not being so good, they probably meant something like “You’re free to practise corruption in this zone.”


This is a car used by criminals impounded by Police in Gauteng. It never belonged to the Police, the criminals re-created every aspect of the design.

Would have fooled me.