Obama issues new guidelines for indefinite detention and torture


For those familiar with the rants and raves of guys such as Alex jones and Jessy Ventura, this will seem somewhat applicable.
Personally I don’t subscribe to either of the two gentlemen mentioned, however I do read up on this class of stuff every so often. For the record, I personally believe Alex Jones to be a crackpot!

In any case, It’s interresting to see such legislation being implemented. It does make one wonder what the long term ramifications of such a course could be. There are those that would believe it’s part of a predetermined plan of which the end is some sinister despotic nightmare. Doubtfull, in my opinion. However, I do think that down the line less ethical people in powerfull positions would use such legislation for seriously unethical deeds.

Never heard of either of them.

google them… i wouldnt say its worth doing so, but those two personify mainstream ideas that are currently running around. Though in my opinion they do nothing more than reflect the stupidity that chokes the desperate…but thats just my opinion…

US Total War: ‘Martial law at home, hawks over Iran’

I don’t know how much people on this forum are interested in international politics.

Perhaps you could elaborate on these ideas here.

It’s very simple. There is a secret elite, generally labelled under the title “New World Order” comprised of bankers and military-industrialists that have been pursuing an hidden agenda of global domination and enslavement of humanity. This cabal is made up of 13 powerful families such as the Rockefellas and Oppenheimers and headed by the wealthiest family in the world, the Rothschilds. Together they sit at the pinnacle of a global elite that manipulate world events to bring about a final goal of a one world government. Their instruments of power include the United Nations and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Global policy is decided every year at annual meetings of the Bilderberg Group; these meetings are by invitation only and the topics discussed are always held in complete secrecy. Attendees include the most powerful people in politics, such as Prime Ministers and Presidential Candidates (Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton attended the conference in 2008, shortly after which Hillary stepped down from the Presidential race. This year’s conference was secretly attended by Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.)

There are so many aspects to this Global Conspiracy that I cannot outline them all here (please message me if you would like to know more) but the basic plan is to bring about a one-world government, one-world currency, one-world banking system. This process has already started with the formation of the EU and other regional groupings. The method is simple; the mechanism used is debt.

The Rothschilds whose estimated wealth tops 500 trillion dollars are responsible for the formation of the first central bank (the Bank of England) and the creation of the fractional reserve banking system. The system is designed to create debt and through their machinations they have set up and control every central bank in the world, specifically the US Federal Reserve. The only countries that up until recent years did not have Rothschild controlled central banks were Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya … see a pattern? The wars for “freedom and democracy” are merely rouges to invade, create spending for the military-industrial machine and to set up central banks in those countries.

The Great Depression of 1929 and the Great Recession of 2008 were engineered events by the Federal Reserve. They have the authority via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to create money out of thin air whenever they want. There is no government agency in the US that has any oversight powers over them and they are not ever allowed to be audited. They create money, borrow it to banks, manipulate the interest and inflation rates by controlling the amount of money in circulation and then collapse the economy at will (Housing crisis in the US in 2008) and force the government to raise taxes to “bail out” industries that collapse (big banks, wall street and motor industry) which in-turn forces the government to sell bonds (debt) to raise money to pay back the loans from the Federal Reserve! It is the greatest conspiracy and robbery in the history of the human race.

Alex Jones, Jessie Ventura as well as Ron Paul and others speak out against this plot to enslave us all, so wake up from your ignorance and do some research. Only two US presidents in history tried to abolish the Federal Reserve Act, Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Know what they have in common? Both assassinated. Kennedy only weeks after signing Executive Order 11110 which delegated to the US Treasury the authority to use silver as the official currency of the United States.

Do your research before calling Ventura and Jones crackpots. They are not crackpots, they are enlightened people who can see the chains around them in a world of sheep.
Try these research topics: FEMA camps, Federal Reserve Act, Rothschilds conspiracy, Martial Law in the U.S, GMO conspiracy, Bilderberg Group, Council for Foreign Relations, New World Order, Prison camps in the U.S, secret underground bases, Denver Airport.

I’m interested to hear any comments! Remember, “not everyone is ready to wake up from the matrix!”

VerySuave: You forgot to mention the Jews and the Illuminati! :slight_smile:

And also the lizard people and hoax moon landing. Very amateurish of you mate.

Gee, I think I’d rather be ‘enslaved’ by the New World Order than live in blissful freedom in North Korea, or Libya, or Cuba, or Iran. See the pattern?

The other pattern I see is of a kind with the averment that Abraham Lincoln (who was assassinated in 1865) “tried to abolish the Federal Reserve Act” — presumably after its promulgation in 1913, almost half a century later…



This line of thinking sounds VERY familiar to me…see the Conspiracy topic. I listened to ex-governor ex wrestler, ex security guard to Michael Jackson, possible independent presidential candidate and atheist Jesse Ventura, on TV talk show the other day and make no mistake he was impressive and rolled host Piers Morgan into a cudball and spat him out. While I’m not supportive of conspiracy BS, the Democrats and Republicans are equally bad…and their respective candidates are controlled by the backroom boys…maybe it is time for a new era but not what former Prime Minister of GB, Gordon Brown said a few years ago…one currency, one world government etc…that would spell disaster as we now are seeing the fallout of the Euro…it would just be much worse.

Amen. What’s more, they’re much more alike in all respects than Americans generally will acknowledge. The periodic to-and-fro between Democrat and Republican wins shows this fairly clearly, as does the absence of any viable alternatives to these two. It’s a funny old democracy they have.

It’s a sad reality that US politics is a complete slave to money. You can forget about a political career of any significance if you have no source of appreciable finance, and this is where the actual problem lies.

A good scapegoat is hard to find and we all want one on which to pin our and the world’s misfortunes. Some invoke deities or demons, others assorted manmade conspiracies. It is said that one should not attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. In this case, however, “stupidity” should be replaced with “greed”. The wealthy do what they do to increase their wealth and control, which includes subverting political processes, but it is simply absurd to infer from this that there is a wealthy elite concertedly, consciously and purposefully engaging in nefarious schemes and machinations towards enslaving the bulk of humanity. In other words, the apparent conspiracy is just that: merely apparent, and an outgrowth of others’ avarice and our propensity for seeing directed agency where there is none.


...it is simply absurd to infer from this that there is a wealthy elite concertedly, consciously and purposefully engaging in nefarious schemes and machinations towards enslaving the bulk of humanity. In other words, the apparent conspiracy is just that: merely apparent, and an outgrowth of others’ avarice and our propensity for seeing directed agency where there is none.
Agreed. Now, to negate conspiracy theories one needs to cut through the BS and provide evidence instead of conjecture, de/illusions, and deductive reasoning (if Lincoln/Kennedy etc were shot there must have been a plot, etc!). Similarly, if the moonlandings were faked, surely someone with a fancy camera can prove the facts ex post facto? If the Bilderberg Group meets, surely some enterprising investigative journo can dig deep enough (a la Watergate) and blow it open....or am I just naive?

They do meet, and their meetings aren’t even all that secret. Attendees, agenda, and so on are available. To suggest that they plot world revolution behind closed doors is a trifle fanciful to say the least.

I am a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended our last meeting in May and June this year in Chantilly, Virginia, as you can see for yourself here. Don’t think just because there is a conspiracy theory about us, we are not busy with a conspiracy.

And just because I’m paranoid, it doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get me…

Not any more. These fellas had to change their surname to get jobs at Woolies.

They probably own Woolies! ;D