On a Facebook group dedicated to the paranormal, someone posts the following:

Hi. My man het selfmoord gepleeg. Homself vergas. Hy het a video gelos op sy foon, vir ons gese ons sal fine wees en so. Die is a screenshot van die video. Wat my pla is die verguur in die bakkie se spieeltjie. Daar is niks langs die wheeliebin gewoondlik nie.

Here’s the screen shot she refers to:

And my comment, plus follow-up comments by others:

What I find interesting here is that I never realized just how prone to pareidolia some people are until I joined this group. This is by no means the first example: it happens all the time. Someone posts a photo with some vague blob in it, and not only do people see a suggestion of something in there, they see highly detailed and specific imagery, that they get out of that blob from somewhere I cannot imagine. I have always thought I have a fairly playful visual mind, and I have little difficulty seeing all manner of faces and monsters and things in random patterns. But it appears I am something of an amateur in this regard. :slight_smile:

Yeah… we are wired to “see” stuff, rightfully so as back in the day leaves could turn into a hungry spotted hyena… which isnt very useful now in that sense.
Religion and “spirituality” encourages these things unfortunately and in this case the poor woman is looking for reasons and blame, what better than an ominous shadow figure next to a wheely bin. What is disturbing to me is that she watched that video frame by frame and utterly studied every little image.
Aside from playing with images when our state of mind is healthy which is fun as one is rational about it, depression is one fucking asshat, it warps everything you experience.
The other aspect of it is attempting to find meaning in things. My mother (bless her

See… thats the universe giving me a sign I should’nt deny acknowledging the mysteries of the unknown…

As I was saying… my grandmother passed away 15 years ago and in spite of the fact that my Mom has moved 6 times since and across provinces, she has this pigeon which she feeds at her bathroom window (all 6 of the places she’s stayed), and THAT, people, is my grandmother. And of course, a few (at least 6) pigeons who are/were fed well.

Why a pigeon? Did your grandma make a habit, in life, of pooping on statues?

Granma used to breed show-pigeons. So in a weird way it makes sense!!

And here we go again…

Oooohhh… I wonder how long its going to be for someone to run the dog over with the car in the driveway!!!

And then there will be a ghost dog as well. Like they don’t have enough problems already…