Perfect sunny day ...

… and Mrs Kent and our six year old decide to spend it at Dolphin Beach in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Since more is merrier, she rings the mom of one of his little friends to invite him along, but alas, the lad is about to go to church with his family. Man, did that bring back memories of wasted Sunday mornings! I thought it was supposed to be rest day. :confused:


Oh, I wish I could have had a dollar (especially at current exchange rates) for every time stuff I wanted to do with friends couldn’t be done because they or their kids had to be in church…

Not that I have that many intensely religious friends, but there’s always someone in the family who had just gotten Jesus in a big way, and suddenly everything has to be planned around church meetings. One day when they invite ME for something I’m going to tell them I can’t come because I have to participate in a blasphemy circle. >:D

I have always found this church thing peculiar, more so really than religious belief itself. Do we not get closer to the numinous when out in the good sunshine than sitting in a stuffy church listening to a joyless old bloke shouting threats at us?

I wish I could have a dollar for every hour I’ve wasted in a church myself.

Lazy sunday mornings spent making deviously unhealthy breakfast treats in the kitchen are the #1 perk of heathenism.