Permission slip

A suggesion , for those with kids in school


Thats great! Pity our schools are allowed to do the whole religious scpiel without permission from the folks. Not that my sons would have issues with it, its time out of class and that’s more important than the actual play/event.

Excellent! ;D

I wrote to my son’s school and got him out of Chapel altogether - he goes to the library for study session instead. >:D

this is quite brilliant. i wish i had a dad like that.

When I was at school I volunteered to be a bell-ringer, which meant I could sit in the bell-tower and smoke while all the rest were grovelling about on their knees in the chapel below. I also had the supreme pleasure of awakening the entire school–including teachers–at 0500 every Thursday morning for holy communion. Granted, I had to be awake myself, but that pleasure of anticipation was magical as I wiped my hands and knew that within seconds hundreds of dreams would be shattered as ‘Smoke on the Water’ clanged out from the eight huge brass bells…

PS. I also got to go on the choir picnic despite having a voice like a castrated water buffalo.

… and a mind like a sharpened razor. Sounds as if you were a cool Dude in school and lucky enough to already be an atheist. My son (who is now turning 16, Gr 10) is an outspoken atheist and quite well known for this at school. He was even in danger of being expelled at one point for “satanism”. I went to the school and let the vice-principle have it - both barrels. It was at this meeting that I coined the phrase, “Atheism is not anti- or counter- religion, Sir, it is the absence of religion.”

I find it annoying that we are supposed to live in a country that allows all religions but friggen school teachers are all these bigoted Christians with a “calling” to teach-and-reach our kids. They pretend to be “tolerant” of all religions but clearly are not and this REALLY PISSES ME OFF. (Aah - nice little vent, er … I’m okay now, thanks)