Pimp your car

In my quest to un-pimp my new bakkie I took an angle grinder to it. I could not figure out how to remove a silly spoiler. I got a demo model for a goodish price, but it had all sorts of shiny things on it. The mags I swapped for normal rims with new tyres. I sold the rollbar and side steps for R1500. Without the spoiler, I can now drive the damn thing without feeling totally embarrassed.


Some of the new bakkies dispense with an alternator. Are you 100% that wasn’t a solar panel that you just grinded off there?

Without before and after pics, I can’t work out what exactly it is that you did - don’t know a thing about cars. :wink:

Silly spoiler is on the roof. The spoiler is supposed to push the vehicle down, but it is just for show on normal cars going at normal speeds, and I go normally only at 100.

A solar panel would make sense on these electric cars, or better, a body made of a solar panel. I think they are still far too inefficient at this time to do that though.

Tweefo, Naughty Man Rigil was pushing your starter button.


I don’t think that was a spoiler, they usually plastic, that was a metal bar for some reason

It’s the petrol tank. Definitely. You’ll have to weld it on again.

That doesn’t look much like a spoiler imho. But then we can only see a weeee bit of it.

On second thoughts, maybe I’ve made a mistake. I should have left it there as a mounting base for on of these. Just for those times when I am in a hurry and need a clear road, or there is an offensive bumper sticker on the car in front of me. http://bmwmblog.com/electrically-driven-50-cal-gatling-gun-shoots-2000-rounds-per-minute/